"Herk, ble-ag!" is a commonly used phrase when a character dies. Other than a few exceptions, all characters will call out this phrase upon death.

A variation of this is saying,"I am dead!" or shouting out they're dead right before they die. This begins when Church is killed by Sheila and dies while talking to Tucker, later performed by Tex, the Red Zealot, and Captain Flowers, amongst others. Another death-related running gag is how a character (usually when blown up, but exclusively to all character deaths in the Fight! Fight! ending of Episode 100) will shout "Son of a bitch!"

Trivia Edit

  • There are only a few times in which characters do not call out "Herk, ble-ag!":
  • In the beginning of the series, Church was killed by the Caboose-controlled Sheila and apparently planned on saying "Herk, ble-ag!" (In his case, "Herk... bleah!"), as he was still able to talk to Tucker before his death.
    • Tucker: "Yeah, I know you did. Now, hurry up and die, you prick."
    • Church: "Okay. Herk... bleah!"

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