Armada 8
Armada 8 Space
Name: Armada 8
First Appearance: Nightmare on Planet Evil
Inhabitants: Blues and Reds
Status: Abandoned
"Sounds like a shitty motel."
—Tucker to Dylan upon hearing the name of the planet.

Armada 8 is a desert planet that serves as the location of the Blues and Reds' base of operations. On the surface, there is a simulation outpost that looks identical to Blood Gulch along with an Underwater Base used by the Blues and Reds.

Role in Plot Edit

Armada 8 was first discovered by the Blues and Reds who, according to them, used it as their home base. The Reds and Blues later discovered the planet when Dylan used her A.I. to investigate a radar in an abandoned city. While trying to find the source of the message sent by Church, she found that it originated from Armada 8 and the crew left for the planet.

Upon arriving, they found the imposter Reds and Blues along with an exact replica of Blood Gulch and they soon learned the truth of their attacks. However, they were discovered and attacked by the UNSC. Banding together, they defeated the UNSC and retreated to an underwater base.

The Blues and Reds eventually left their base on Armada 8 to enact Temple's master plan on Earth, leaving the Reds and Blues imprisoned underneath the planets surface. With the help of Locus and Grif, the Reds and Blues escaped and left the planet in pursuit of Temple.

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