Armor is a recurring element throughout the entire Red vs. Blue franchise, being suits of combat armor almost every single character is outfitted with head-to-toe. While, in the official Halo franchise, the Spartan armor is reserved solely for elite Spartan soldiers, the armor of Red vs. Blue seems to be the equivalent of generic military fatigues as every single soldier is equipped with a suit of it.

The coloring of the armor of each character is, in most cases, the singular thing that physically distinguishes them, and very few characters are ever seen outside of their armor no matter what, maintaining an unbreakable anonymity. As the series constantly switches game engines to film on, armor models also constantly switch, and some characters are outfitted with a special model to illustrate their importance. A running gag is that Caboose is always outfitted with the oldest, Combat Evolved model while everyone else moves on to the newer models.

The durability of the combat armor is inconsistent, though it's generally accepted that the armor can allow wearers to shrug off explosions and falls from massive heights, but gun-shots to the head are instant kills.

List of armor colors

Blood Gulch Crew



Charon Industries

List of models

  • Mark VHalo: Combat Evolved model and Caboose's armor throughout the entire series (excluding the Halo 2-filmed episodes and early episodes of Season 11)
  • Mark VIHalo 2Halo 3, and Halo 4 model, also worn by all Freelancers besides Tex and Wyoming (who wore the Mark V in their first appearances), Carolina, and the Meta in Season 9 and 10 .
  • V Variant - The Meta's armor.
  • Rogue - Carolina's and the female Space Pirates' armor.
  • Reach - The Epsilon-Doubles' armor in Halo: Reach, used in Season 9 and Season 10.
  • ODST -  Sarge's, Simmons's, Grif's and Church's armor in The Man, The Myth, The Legend, filmed in Halo: ODST.
  • Insurrectionist - The nameless Marine-esque armor the soldiers of Charon Industries wear.
  • Air Assault - The New Republic's armor.
  • Prefect - The Federal Army of Chorus's armor.
  • S Variant - Felix's armor.
  • Locus - Locus's armor.
  • Enforcer - The male Space Pirates' armor.



  • Although Caboose is written as wearing the older Mark V Halo: Combat Evolved armor starting in Reconstruction, the models used to represent him across all-usable engines typically only wear the Mark V helmet. In Halo 3, the helmet was the only Mark V piece available. Although the full Mark V armor was available to wear in Halo: Reach and Halo 4, Rooster Teeth's standard practice is to swap the standard Blood Gulch soldier armor setup with the Mark V helmet to represent Caboose and simply refer to it as the Mark V armor.
  • Many armor models made specifically for Poser-animated scenes are combinations of armors from different Halo titles, such as the Insurrectionists and certain configurations of the Meta's armor.
  • The only characters in the entire franchise who don't wear full-body armor are Leonard Church, Aiden PriceMalcolm Hargove, all characters in the "Club", "Call", "Consequences" trilogy, and Allison

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