Red vs. Blue Episode
"Belly of the Beast"
Sarge is Patton
Episode no. 11
Airdate June 11, 2017 (FIRST members)
June 18, 2017 (public)
Running time 9:24

Red vs. Blue Season 15
April 2, 2017 - TBA

  1. Prologue
  2. The Chronicle
  3. The Mother of Destruction
  4. Chorus Lessons
  5. Previously On
  6. Reacts
  7. Nightmare on Planet Evil
  8. A Fistful of Colours
  9. Rigged
  10. Battlescars
  11. Belly of the Beast
  12. Blue vs. Red
  13. Blue vs. Red - Part 2

Belly of the Beast is the eleventh episode of Red vs. Blue: Season 15. It aired on June 11th, 2017 for FIRST members and June 18th, 2017 for the general public. It is the 314th episode overall.


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Dylan asks Jax about the story of Jonah from the Bible and explains that she feels like Jonah himself, being inside the belly of the beast. Tired of being sidelined, Dylan decides to investigate the base and has Jax distract Sarge in order to do so. Jax agrees and pitches a military drama to Sarge as a distraction but Sarge doesn't buy into it. In order to convince him, Jax recounts Stanley Kubrick's decision to cast real-life sergeant R. Lee Ermey in his film Full Metal Jacket and explains that Sarge can have a similar experience as Ermey. Interested, Sarge agrees to do a screen-test for Jax, allowing Dylan to begin sleuthing.

Dylan sneaks her way into the room housing the cloaking device and eavesdrops on a conversation between Temple and Loco. Temple berates Loco for not finishing the device and questions why he didn't just build a bomb like he initially asked. Loco assures Temple that what he's building will be much better but Temple threatens Loco to finish his work soon or he'll finish him. Suddenly, Dylan accidentally knocks over an empty soda can, alerting the two Blues. They approach Dylan's hiding spot but only find a toy; Dylan nowhere in sight.

Elsewhere, Dylan tells Tucker about what she heard and explains that the Blues and Reds are being dishonest with them, though Tucker remains distrustful of her. Dylan tries to convince Tucker that she's trustworthy but Tucker doesn't budge. He then explains that the Blues and Reds allowed him to plan out their campaign against the UNSC but Dylan reveals that his campaign is merely a video game. Dylan continues to point out the level of secrecy the Blues and Reds are putting out and acknowledges that they may be hiding something. However, Tucker continues to argue with her in the Blues and Reds' defense. Unable to convince him, Dylan leaves to continue investigating until Tucker informs her about Temple's network computer. Dylan, as a result, makes her way to Temple's office.

Meanwhile, Sarge undergoes his screen test with Jax, performing numerous monologues in front of a green screen. The two are soon confronted by Temple, Surge, and Buckey who ask about Dylan's whereabouts. Jax tries to stall but is quickly threatened by the three Blues and Reds.

In Temple's office, Dylan has V.I.C., who has been helping her since Blood Gulch in exchange that she kill him after three "wishes", hack into Temple's network computer in order to gain access to the computer's files. While searching, VIC discovers a video file of himself and shows it to Dylan. The file in question is revealed to be the distress message of Church. As Dylan watches the video in shock she is confronted by Temple and Surge, who threaten her at gunpoint.


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  • This episode reveals that Dylan didn't kill V.I.C. but made a deal with him: he'll grant her three "wishes"(like a genie) and once they are used up Dylan will have to kill him.
  • The game the Blues and Reds have Tucker play is Halo Wars 2, specifically, the second level of the game, "A New Enemy".
  • Sarge mentions always wanting to be the C.E.O. of a website company, a reference to his voice actor Matt Hullum.
    • He also mentions Lazer Team 2, an upcoming film by Rooster Teeth.
  • The flag Sarge stands in front of during his monologue has one of its stars colored over. This is a reference to the Florida cover-up.
  • Jax mentions that Sarge is similar to R. Lee Ermey's character Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket, a reference to the fact that Sarge's character was initially modeled after Ermey's at the start of the series.
  • The episode title might be a reference to the track of the same name on the Halo 4 soundtrack.
  • It is revealed that Tucker has his own masturbatorium, which is a distinct upgrade from his Blood Gulch days with his rock.
  • Loco mentions his extremely destructive and complex weapon requires something as simple as AA batteries. This references "Make Your Time" where Sarge similarly failed to activate Lopez's installed weather control device only because Sarge couldn't get D batteries.
  • On Temple's computer, the link tabs on his internet browser state: Shakesphere monologue, evil lairs for dummies, and How to villain. Interestingly, Temple misspelled Shakespeare.


Red vs09:35

Red vs. Blue Season 15, Episode 11 - Belly of the Beast

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