Blues and Reds
Blues and Reds
Name: Blues and Reds
First Appearance: Prologue
Leader(s): Mark Temple
Equipment and Vehicles: Various
Status: Active
"The time has come to kill the masters, the Freelancers to start, but that's not where this story ends. Years later, the orders stopped coming, and we left our gulch looking for answers. We found them in an abandoned Freelancer outpost. We discovered records showing that the very military we had enlisted in sold us like slaves to Project Freelancer! We were pawns in their game. But the thing that I love about chess is that, sometimes, pawns kill kings. "
Temple describing the Blues and Reds' origin to Dylan in Blue vs. Red - Part 2

The Blues and Reds are a group of terrorists who performed a spree of attacks ten months after the fall of Charon Industries, mistaken for the Reds and Blues. They are the main antagonists of Season 15.

Role in PlotEdit

After the war on Chorus, the Blues and Reds attacked several UNSC outposts. Due to their similarities to the Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch, they were mistaken for the Reds and Blues during their terrorist attacks.

When the actual crew find them, however, the Blues and Reds explain that they're actually fellow simulation troopers from Project Freelancer who have been in hiding since they discovered that the UNSC have ordered the deaths of every single person involved with Project Freelancer. Along with the Reds and Blues, they fought off a UNSC attack before retreating beneath the surface to their underwater complex.

When Carolina and Washington reactivated their recovery beacons, they brought both Reds and Blues, and Blues and Reds to their location. After informing Wash and Carolina about the recent events, Temple lead Carolina and Wash to a chamber of the base, who both stared in horror at the frozen corpses and armors of ten Freelancer agents. They realized it was not the UNSC, but rather the Blues and Reds who are bringing down the Freelancers. Temple then proceeded to freeze both Freelancers.

Known MembersEdit


  • While the Blues and Reds appear to be copies of the Reds and Blues, featuring very similar members, they have no equivalent for Doc, Sister, Washington or Carolina, though Doc himself is a member.
  • Unlike the Reds and Blues, who primarily keep a standard Halo 5 M6H sidearm holstered, the Blues and Reds seem to have adopted M6H Tactical Magnum variant as their secondary firearm.
  • With the Blues and Reds being alleged prototypes of the Reds and Blues, there are a number of inconsistencies with their characters and their place in the timeline.
    1. It was confirmed in Reconstruction Chapter 11 that Sarge's robot kits that he used to build Lopez (as well as Francisco Montegue Zanzibar and Robot Number 2) were unique to Blood Gulch, as Washington implies that they were not standard issue. This calls Lorenzo's existence into question.
    2. Sarge was promoted to colonel by Doyle on Chorus, while Surge apparently is already the same rank within Project Freelancer's database.
    3. It was revealed in Why They're Here that Caboose and Donut (as well as Sister) were sent to Blood Gulch to replace Butch Flowers after his death. This calls into question Loco and Cronut's presence in Desert Gulch. Additionally, Caboose and Donut were not present in the initial establishment of the Blood Gulch basis, specifically in the first and second episodes.
    4. The Alpha was stationed at Blood Gulch to hide his location from the UNSC and other Freelancers. This makes Temple, who appears to be the prototype of the Alpha himself, and his presence in Desert Gulch questionable, as Project Freelancer had no need to test a location with the Alpha's personality at the time the episodes Blue vs. Red and Blue vs. Red - Part 2 take place, since the Freelancer Break-in had yet to happen.
    5. Carolina had apparently encountered Doc when she arrived in Desert Gulch, yet doesn't seem to recognize him when she meets him in Season 13. She also doesn't find the Reds and Blues to be familiar despite their similarities to the Blues and Reds when she first encounters them in Hate to Say Goodbye and Revenants.
    6. Likewise, Tex also doesn't find the Reds and Blues to be familiar when she encounters them in A Shadow of His Former Self and Knock, knock. Who's there? Pain.
    7. Loco bears the same Mark V helmet as Caboose, despite Caboose only receiving his during the first two seasons and after the events of the Blood Gulch Chronicles by deliberately downgrading after assuming the armor was in a "top ten list," years after the events shown in Blue vs. Red and Blue vs. Red - Part 2. In addition, the rest of the Blues and Reds all don Mark VI helmet variants rather Mark V.
    8. Coincidentally, many of the Blues and Reds' names are nearly identical or share a strong similarity to the Reds and Blues' names. Cronut and Donut, Lorenzo and Lopez, Biff and Grif, and Surge and Sarge. Temple and Church both being words for buildings, and Loco and Caboose both referencing trains.

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Blues and Reds

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