Carolina holds CT's dog tag
"I leave this copy for you not because you are the best soldier in the squad, but because I know that I can trust you the most. After reading these files you will understand why. Good luck. Your friend, Connie."
—C.T.'s message in Remember Me How I Was

C.T.'s Dog Tags contain top-secret data files on Project Freelancer. As the name suggests, they originally belong to C.T.


Before C.T. left Project Freelancer and joined the Insurrection, she somehow obtained data files about Project Freelancer and stored them on her dog tags. C.T. then left the dog tags for Agent Texas, who she believed would understand the importance of the information on them and was one of the only people she trusted. Upon discovering the information about the A.I. and Allison, Tex left the project and tried to commence a break-in to save the Alpha with other agents, but failed.

Since then, Tex kept C.T.'s dog tags for years until she was captured by the Meta. By the time of Season 10, Carolina and Epsilon find them on the crashed pelican at Valhalla. Epsilon then entered the dog tags to find any information, and upon returning claims to have "remembered everything" about the past.


  • The dog tags contain CT's blood type: O-.
  • Tex found the documents in the tag containing the information that caused her to break in to try to save the Alpha.

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