Cronut is a member of the Blues and Reds, a group of Simulation Troopers that are very similar to the Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch.

Role in PlotEdit

He and the rest of his team perform terrorist attacks ten months following the Chorus-Charon War, seemingly in vengeance for the UNSC's actions towards Project Freelancer personnel.

Trivia Edit

  • Like his counterpart Donut, he doesn't call his armor pink but refers to it as reddish-white instead of lightish-red.
  • Just like Donut, he constantly makes innuendos.
  • His name is based on a Cronut which is a croissant-doughnut pastry invented by New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel similar to Donut's name being based on a doughnut.
  • Miles Luna providing the voice for Cronut could be a reference to how he voiced the real Donut in S.O.S., with most fans not knowing the difference.

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