Curious Space Pirate
Curious Space Pirate
Name: Curious Space Pirate
Affiliation(s): Space Pirates
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Temple of the Key
Armor Color(s): Steel
Occupation(s): Mercenary
Weapon(s): Battle Rifle
Voice Actor(s): Kevin Abernathy
"What's she up to?"
—Curious Space Pirate questioning Dr. Grey's plans in Temple of the Key

This curious Space Pirate first appears in Temple of the Key, cornering the Away Team outside of the Jungle Temple.

Role in PlotEdit

At the Jungle Temple, CarolinaTucker, Caboose, and Emily Grey are cornered by Sharkface, Ross, the Curious Space Pirate, and two other space pirates, forcing Carolina to protect her squad under her bubble shield. When Dr. Grey begins to discuss a plan for escape, the Curious Space Pirate voices his concern. When Dr. Grey enters the portal the light briefly blinds the Curious Space Pirate and his squad. Carolina then lowers her shield, allowing Freckles to kill the Curious Space Pirate and the rest of the pirates in quick succession.


  • This space pirate is voiced by Kevin Abernathy, video editor for the YouTube channel Game Grumps.

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