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Dellario Reconstruction
Name: Dellario
Affiliation(s): Red Team
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Reconstruction: Chapter 7 (Sponsor Cut)
Armor Color(s): Red with Silver trim
Weapon(s): Assault Rifle
Voice Actor(s): Frank Dellario
"I don't complain too much Burke. You don't complain enough! I have to complain more just to keep up the average. You know what I mean?"
—Dellario moments before being killed by the Meta in Reconstruction: Chapter 7

Dellario was a Red soldier stationed at Zanzibar, posted on guard duty with Burke in the sponsor verison of Reconstruction: Chapter 7 until the Meta attacked. While Dellario was complaining about fellow soldier Tubbs, he was killed by the Meta.


  • Dellario is named after his voice actor, Frank Dellario.

Red Team
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