Desert Gulch
Armada 8 Blood Gulch
Name: Desert Gulch
First Appearance: Nightmare on Planet Evil
Inhabitants: Blues and Reds
Status: Abandoned

Desert Gulch serves as one of the major locations in Season 15 and is where the Blues and Reds were originally stationed to while under Project Freelancer. According to Doc, it served as a prototype to Blood Gulch.


It is visually similar, if not identical, to it's successor, though it has sand instead of dirt and grass. It is where the Reds and Blues first encounter the Blues and Reds, who reveal that it was their original base. When Tucker finds Doc in their rankings, he reveals that Blues and Reds (and Desert Gulch by association) were the originals while the Reds and Blues were the "crappy copies."

Role in Plot Edit

The Blues and Reds were stationed at the gulch by Project Freelancer, to be used as simulation troopers for the organization's agents. The two teams had an ongoing back and forth.

At one point, Freelancer agents Carolina and Texas were deployed to the simulation outpost to lead two opposing teams in a game of capture the flag. During the mission, Red Team member Biff was killed as the agents fought.

It served as the Blues and Reds outpost for a number of years later, until they stopped receiving communications from command. The remaining soldiers, led by Blue leader Temple, set out to find answers as to why. Some time after this, the Blues and Reds abandoned the gulch in favour of an Underwater Lair in order to hide from the UNSC.

Several years later the Blues and Reds lured their counterparts, the Reds and Blues, to the Desert Gulch. Whilst the two teams met, a group of UNSC aircraft attacked the group, forcing the teams to take refuge in the underwater base upon defeating them.


  • Because of it's similarity to Blood Gulch, Caboose was able to recognize various areas as if they were in the same location.

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