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"As you may recall, Agent North used his equipment in the field on a previous mission."
"He was able to successfully maintain the deflective shield for 3.4 seconds in order to block an explosive projectile attack."
"And he somehow managed not to kill himself in the process."
Director in The New Kid

The Domed Energy Shield is an armor enhancement that creates a translucent, slightly white/gold tinted protective sphere around the user. It was first seen in the series in Reconstruction: Chapter 6.


  • South Dakota: South uses the domed energy shield to protect herself from the Meta's attacks in Reconstruction before Washington and the Blues arrived.
  • Meta: In n+1, the Meta uses one to deflect massive amounts of rockets, gunfire, and grenades fired by Sarge, Simmons, Grif, and Tucker. When the shield began to weaken, the Meta jumped into the air and began to attack the group.
Agent Utah S9

Utah operating a prototype of the Domed Energy Shield.

  • Utah: In a deleted scene on the Season 9 DVD, a prototype of the domed energy shield was used by Agent Utah. Unfortunately, Utah almost suffocated to death while testing it out.
  • North Dakota: In Season 9, North uses the armor ability in the episode Evacuation Plan, to prevent missiles from destroying the Pelican he was riding. In Season 10, North is later paired with the A.I. Theta, who can manipulate the shield to allow for greater defensive and offensive abilities, even accounting for power losses and moving targets.


  • The Domed Energy Shield is currently the third most used armor enhancement in the series, with the first two being Cloaking and the Helmet Camera.

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