Flying By Wire album

Flying By Wire is an album composed by the band Trocadero that contains music used in various Red vs. Blue episodes. The album was released on July 7, 2012 and is now available to buy at the RT Store[1], iTunes[2], and Amazon[3].

Track ListingEdit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1. Fifty Trocadero 1:11 Rounding Error, Party Crasher, True ColorsAll or Nothing
2. Bolt Trocadero 3:49 None
3. The Man In Red Trocadero 4:25 None
4. Hero Superstar Trocadero 3:35 None
5. Faraway Trocadero 1:44 Out of Mind
6. Best Girl Trocadero 4:37 None
7. Dancing Bull Trocadero 2:33 None
8. So Good Trocadero 1:19 None
9. Routine King Trocadero 1:02 Reconstruction: Chapter 4 (DVD version)
10. Shotgun Trocadero 3:05 None
11. Searchlight Trocadero 1:28 Think You Know Someone, Perusing the ArchiveWhat's the "I" Stand For?
12. Bloody Mary Mix Trocadero 3:26 True Colors
13. When We Were Soldiers Trocadero 2:32 None
14. Third Wave Trocadero 2:59 Lost But Not Forgotten
15. Noobs Rush In Trocadero 0:41 The Best Laid PlansVisiting Old Friends, Sneaking In
16. Reverie Six (and Change) Trocadero 3:31 Neighborhood Watch

External LinksEdit

  1. RT Store
  2. iTunes
  3. Amazon

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