Gene is a member of the Blues and Reds, a group of Simulation Troopers that are very similar to the Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch.

Role in PlotEdit

He and the rest of his team perform terrorist attacks ten months following the Chorus-Charon War, seemingly in vengeance for the UNSC's actions towards Project Freelancer personnel.

Trivia Edit

  • Gene's name may be a reference to the member of the band KISS, Gene Simmons. This is most likely due to Simmons sharing the name of another celebrity, Richard Simmons.
  • Gene and Lorenzo are the only members of the Blues and Reds who sounds exactly like their counterparts. This is due to them sharing the same voice actors as their original counterparts.
    • This may be a reference to the fact Simmons' Epsilon counterpart was also identical to the real one, while the rest of Red Team acted differently.

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