This article is about the chaotic Red and Blue soldiers. You may be looking for the Epsilon-Doubles.

The Grunts
Name: Grunts
Affiliation(s): Red Team
Blue Team
Status: Eliminated
First Appearance: The Best Laid Plans
Armor Color(s): Red and Blue
Occupation(s): Battle Creek soldiers
Weapon(s): Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle
Voice Actor(s): Burnie Burns, Gustavo Sorola
—The Grunts in Sneaking In

The Grunts were two teams of Red and Blue soldiers living in an unknown part of the galaxy. These soldiers were for some reason in a constant loop of attack and retaliation, revival and senseless murder. They serve as supporting antagonists in the Blood Gulch Chronicles, but the only identifiable member of the Grunts is the Red Zealot.


After Sarge and Caboose were sent to Battle Creek in K.I.T. B.F.F., they discovered these two teams, which would senselessly kill each other. Somehow, the song Reveille would bring these soldiers back to life and they would rush back to their respective bases to await their next battle. The blue grunts also have their motto of "Kill the reds, kill the reds!" and run out after Reveille is played. The Grunts also have a religious following of the Red and Blue team flags. It was later confirmed that the Grunts are part of the Red and Blue simulation set up by Project Freelancer.

Role in PlotEdit

Battle at Battle CreekEdit

BattleCreek Grunts

The Grunts' religious figure seems to be a flag held in their bases at Battle Creek. When The Red Zealot captured the blue flag the blue team focused their efforts on killing the soldier and restoring the flag to its rightful place. The Red Zealot also seemed to believe in "The Anti-Flag" (which was actually Caboose), and believed it would rule them for seven years. When Sarge and Caboose arrived at the battlefield they were caught in the crossfire of the opposing teams. The two exploited the local religion in order to escape, or as Sarge put it "getting ourselves completely involved and kicking some serious ass!"

Sidewinder Grunts

The Grunts were later summoned to Sidewinder by Simmons by using a teleporting device. Simmons manages to trick them into fighting O'Malley by saying that he has the flag. The battle ends when the bomb inside Church detonates which sends nearly all the Grunts, except the Red Zealot who was sent to Zanzibar, to a distant location within a snow valley.

Alliance with Wyoming and DemiseEdit

Tex Cloaked

While at the base within a frozen valley, the Grunts apparently came under the service of Wyoming and acted as his bodyguards. When Tex, Tucker, Caboose, Andy and the Alien come to the base in search of the treasure, Tex attempts to use stealth in order to kill the Grunts and get to the treasure. However they are soon alerted to their presence when Tucker makes a small noise. Tex soon kills them all single handedly with a pair of SMGs.

Afterwards, as Tex continued her pursuit for Wyoming, she, along with York and Delta, eliminated the remaining Grunts in a firefight, atop Omega's fortress. Two dead Grunts are later seen in Recovery One: Part One when Washington arrives to collect Delta.


  • The Grunts were created by Burnie Burns as a parody of stereotypical Halo gamers and multiplayer variants.
  • It's currently unknown how and why they revive upon hearing Reveille.
  • The Grunts appear in the special award show video The Best Red vs. Blue DVD Ever. Of All Time. as viewers of the event. 
  • Xbox marketplace offers a RvB Camping T-shirt displaying the phrase, "It's a legitimate strategy!" for Xbox avatars as a tribute to the Grunts.[1]
RvB Camping T-shirt


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