This article is about Epsilon-Doubles. You may be looking for the original soldiers.

Grunts (ε)
Blue Grunts
Name: Grunts (ε)
Affiliation(s): Red Team, Blue Team
Status: Active (inside Epsilon Unit)
First Appearance: MIA: Episode 4 (Voice Only), MIA: Episode 5 (Physical)
Armor Color(s): Red or Blue
Occupation(s): Battle Creek Soldiers
Weapon(s): DMR
Voice Actor(s): Burnie Burns
—The Blue Grunts in MIA: Episode 4

The Epsilon-Doubles of the Grunts first appear in the Red vs. Blue maxi-series, Red vs. Blue: MIA. They are Epsilon's memory of the Grunts from season 3.

Role in PlotEdit

The Blue Team Grunts return briefly in MIA: Episode 4, though their voices are only heard. They make an intial appearance in MIA: Episode 5 with a few armor differences. In MIA, the Grunts have different helmets, a specific leader, and have a more major role in the story, rather than just randomly fighting the opposing team.

The Red Grunts, however, do not appear, save for one Red soldier who is quickly killed.

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