Name: Holo-Grif
Affiliation(s): Red Team
Status: Active (inside Holo Chamber programming)
First Appearance: Relocated: Part Four
Armor Color(s): Orange
Occupation(s): Artificial Intelligence Program
Voice Actor(s): Geoff Ramsey
"Hello! I am literally the worst program ever made!"
—Holo-Grif in Relocated: Part Four

Holo-Grif, first seen in Relocated: Part Four, is a simulated Grif created by Lopez.

Role in PlotEdit

When Lopez arrived in Valhalla, he created the Red base's Holo Chamber as well as Holo-Grif to allow the Reds to test their newest weapon. Holo-Grif gave Sarge the ability to test his 'new' Warthog, by using its turret cannon to kill Grif without any consequences. It appears again when Simmons uses the room to talk to an artificial Sarge alone and Holo Grif yelling "I love boners!". Currently, Holo-Grif may still reside in the Holo Chamber's programming at Outpost 17-B.


  • It seems that Lopez dislikes making Holo-Grifs, as he claims "It makes other things!" Perhaps Lopez wishes to show off other material he installed, but either way he is reluctant to summon more Holo-Grifs when ordered to do so by Sarge.
  • The Holo-Grifs are a slightly lighter shade of orange than the real Grif. This is more noticable when Grif is standing next to them.
  • There is a deleted scene involving Grif talking to a Holo-Grif, resulting in the two Grif's getting confused about which one is the real one, before the two realize neither of them truly cares.

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