Informant Guy
Name: Informant Guy
Affiliation(s): Unknown
Status: Active (inside Epsilon Unit)
First Appearance: MIA: Episode 6
Armor Color(s): Grey
Occupation(s): Information Specialist
Weapon(s): DMR
Voice Actor(s): Unknown

Tucker's Informant Guy (prounounced Gee) is a French specialist in information and helps Tucker and the Reds find Grif. His first, and so far only, appearance was in MIA: Episode 6.

Role in PlotEdit

Tucker, Sarge, and Simmons find Guy in a city building. They explain to him that one of their soldiers has been kidnapped. Even though Guy isn't a specialist in kidnapping, he helps the three with their situation. Guy reads their ransom note and comes to the conclusion that the ransom note is more like an announcement/preview.

The gangs all here

Guy with the Reds and Blues.

He tells the three that whoever wrote the ransom note has Grif, which angers Simmons, already knowing the information. Suddenly, Church and Caboose appear with Grif and Donut. Overjoyed, the other Reds thank Guy for his help. However, (because of the numerous times the group mispronounces his name) this angers Guy, causing him to leave.


  • Informant Guy is one of the very few French speaking characters in Red vs. Blue.
  • Guy has the same ridiculous French accent as Jacques from Grifball: Expansion.
  • Though it is difficult to notice, Informant Guy has a White Fleur de lis flower emblem.

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