Jenkins - S5
Name: Jenkins
Affiliation(s): Blue Team
Status: Active
First Appearance: Why Were We Here? Alternate Ending: Ruby Slippers
Armor Color(s): Green
Weapon(s): Magnum, Battle Rifle
Voice Actor(s): Dan Godwin
"Eh oh well, maybe next time."
—Jenkins after being told by Church he wasn't there in Ruby Slippers Alternate Ending
—Jenkins after Caboose wishes he was on Red Team in Don't Get Me Started

Jacob J. Jenkins is a simulation trooper that normally appears in dream sequences, in a green armor. He first appears in the alternate ending of Why Were We Here? called "Ruby Slippers." He then made a second appearance in the sponsor version of Don't Get Me Started.


Apparently, Jenkins was a simulation trooper that was originally going to be sent to Blood Gulch, after Freelancer Agent Florida trips over a cable to V.I.C.'s computer, shown in Why They're Here. This caused the list of five Freelancers originally meant to replace Florida, in the event of his death, to change to five sim troopers, Jenkins being one of them. However, Jenkins is never actually deployed to Blood Gulch.

Why Were We Here? Deleted SceneEdit

Jenkins Recreation

Jenkins as he appears in the Sponsor Ending.

In the ending, all the adventures of the Blood Gulch Chronicles turn out to be a dream and Church, instead of being killed by the tank, only went into a coma. Church said to Jenkins that he was not in the dream because he must have forgotten about him. After this, Simmons and Grif arrive, and kill Jenkins and the other Blues.

Don't Get Me Started Sponsor EndingEdit

Jenkins appears once again in the Sponsor & DVD versions of Don't Get Me Started where Sarge's fantasy on how the Red Team erased the Blue Team from the Command computers. While Sarge is driving off on "Moto-Simmons", Jenkins and Caboose are standing in the base, Caboose saying "I wish I was on the Red Team, don't you Jenkins?" and Jenkins replying "Absolutely!"


  • In a Revelation deleted scene, one of the Aliens on Sandtrap was named Jenkins, this alien wore green armor like the human version of the character.
  • Georgia and Jenkins bear the same armor color, besides Georgia's secondary color. The two also share the same CQB helmet, being the only two characters in the series to have said helmet.
  • It was initially believed that Jenkins was two different characters, considering that their names sounded different in two episodes; one being "Jenkins" and the other being "Jacobs". It was confirmed by Burnie Burns on Twitter[1], however, that they are one character.
  • During the campaign of Halo: Combat Evolved there is an actual character named Jenkins; he is one of the first people to encounter the parasitic Flood.
  • In The Twins, Scully mentions a "Jenkins," but it is unlikely that they are the same character.
  • In Why They're Here, Jacob J. Jenkins is fourth in the list of possible "reinforcements" in the case of the death of Captain Flowers, after the latter trips over a plug under Blood Gulch and corrupts Vic's list. Because his name was listed below Kaikaina Grif, who was the final reinforcement sent to Blood Gulch, he is never actually seen.


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