This article is about the soldier affiliated with C.T. You may be looking for the Blue Rat's Nest soldier.

Name: Jones
Affiliation(s): C.T.'s "Dig Team"
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Hang Time
Armor Color(s): Silver with Blue Trim
Weapon(s): Battle Rifle, Plasma Pistol
Voice Actor(s): Nathan Zellner
"Yes! Great shot Jones."
— C.T. complimenting Jones.
"Thanks, but it's actually pronounced Jo-en-es sir."
—Jones correcting C.T. in Hang Time

Jones (pronounced Jo-en-es) is a member of C.T.'s group. He shoots Epsilon in Recreation.

Role in PlotEdit

Jones is the only one of C.T. 's men who is given a name, which is a follow-up to a joke in Reconstruction, where the Blues of Rat's Nest call one of their soldiers Jo-en-es, when his real name is Jones. Jones is only seen in Hang Time, shooting and disabling Epsilon with a plasma pistol. As a result, Smith and the other Aliens kill all the humans (apart from Grif, Sarge, Tucker, and Caboose), starting an enormous battle.


  • In the end credits of Recreation, Jones is listed as Jones II, referencing the joke regarding him and the other character.

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