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Simmons' minefield

"But you didn't even bury them."
Grif about the mines
"From what I can tell, they're designed to rest above the ground."
"With big red warning lights?"
"Yeah, it doesn't really make sense."
—Simmons in Ready…Aim…

A Landmine is a explosive placed on the ground and detonates when enough force is applied to it. They first appear in Ready…Aim…, where Simmons makes a minefield when the Reds and Blues are fortifying Crash Site Bravo for the upcoming attack of the Federal Army of Chorus. Despite their inefficient design, Simmons' landmines provide great aid for Blood Gulch soldiers during the battle at Crash Site Bravo, as they kill several Feds and Cyclops/Lopez 2.0 after his betrayal.

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