Lawyerbot 9000
Lawyerbot 9000
Name: Lawyerbot 9000
Affiliation(s): Office of Lawyerbot and Bernstein
Status: Non-Canon
First Appearance: Get a Job
Armor Color(s): Gray
Occupation(s): Lawyer
Weapon(s): X-Examiner Cannon
Relative(s): Unknown
Armor Enhancement(s): None
Voice Actor(s): Burnie Burns
"It was a verbally binding contract!"
—Lawyerbot 9000
"I was drunk and you know it!"
Grif in Get a Job

Lawyerbot 9000 is a non-canon character first appearing in the Red vs. Blue PSA Get a Job.


In the PSA, Simmons and Grif explain that robots, like Lawyerbot 9000, are taking away the jobs of people. Lawyerbot, however, objects to this and proceeds to kill a New Republic soldier. Grif later reveals that he sleeps in the doghouse of Lawyerbot's home, as he has the lease. When the two argue, Lawyerbot threatens Grif and the latter backs down.


  • Lawyerbot 9000 apparently seems to work for a company called "Lawyerbot & Bernstein."

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