Loco is a member of the Blues and Reds, a group of Simulation Troopers that are very similar to the Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch.

Role in PlotEdit

He and the rest of his team perform terrorist attacks ten months following the Chorus-Charon War, seemingly in vengeance for the UNSC's actions towards Project Freelancer personnel.

Loco was the first member of his team to meet the Reds and Blues face-to-face and instantly took a liking with his counterpart Caboose.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Despite his stupidity, Loco is a surprisingly good engineer and actually knows what he's talking about.

Trivia Edit

  • Personality-wise, Loco seems to be the most like his counterpart Caboose, with a few differences.
  • His name is most likely short for "Locomotive", an opposite for "Caboose".
  • His name is also Spanish for crazy.
  • Loco appears to possess a talent for engineering; which arguably is a skill that Caboose possesses, albeit apparently to a lesser degree.

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