Freckles S11

The Mantis portrayed as Freckles.

"Technically it's a Mantis class military assault droid."
"Wait, why Mantis?"
"Well you see those legs? They kinda resemble the legs of a praying mantis."
—Washington in Can I Keep It?

The HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System, also known as the Mantis, is a Halo 4 vehicle used to portray Caboose's pet robotFreckles and the larger robot built by Sarge, Cyclops.

Role in PlotEdit

The Mantis first appeared as Freckles in the Season 11 episode S.O.S. Its cannons were shown to be one of Freckles' primary weapons. Later on in the season, the Reds take a much larger mantis back to their base, but after Grif loses several of its parts, Sarge uses the remaining to build C.C.

It is revealed in Season 12 that Mantis A.I. units are stored on small storage units, as seen in The Federal Army of Chorus.

It is revealed in The End is Near that the Space Pirates have a Mantis, which they use to fight against the armies of Chorus at the Communication Temple. It is later destroyed by Carolina and Washington, although several more are later deployed to pick up where it left off. These units are eventually disabled after the Reds and Blues sabotage the control system aboard the Staff of Charon.

Freckles is later given a miniaturized Mantis body lacking weapons, much like a toy.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Halo 4 game engine, the Mantis is a vehicular-type robot, controlled by a human pilot within its frame. In the Red vs Blue story however, the Mantis is an A.I.-controlled robot that does not require a human pilot to operate.

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