"This is gonna be good."
—Ghanoush about the squad's training
"I'll make some popcorn."
—McCallister in Training Daze

Private B.H. McCallister is a New Republic rebel soldier first seen in Training Daze.

Role in PlotEdit

In Training Daze, McCallister and Ghanoush help the Reds and Blues train by editing together footage from their training sessions in order to help them strategize for future sessions. However, due to the group's constant failures, Ghanoush, McCallister, the chosen recruits, and other Republic soldiers laugh at the footage.

He was then seen a season later in All or Nothing listening to Kimball's speech.

Trivia Edit

  • Miles Luna stated during the season 13 premiere livestream that Ray Narvaez, Jr. (who voiced the character) chose to name his own character "Butthole McCallister", but Miles shortened the name to B.H. "for the kids".[1]

References Edit

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