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Epsilon monitor
"My name is Leonard Church, and you will fear my LASER FACE!"
—Epsilon in Think You Know Someone

The Monitor is a forerunner artifact that became Epsilon's body for a brief time. Since this is a piece of forerunner technology, the Aliens worship Epsilon as if he were a living forerunner. It is represented as the forge monitor in Halo 3.

Role in the PlotEdit

During the Project Freelancer Saga, the Insurrectionist Leader  and C.T. obtain data holding information about the artifact. Using that information, the Leader heads to the desert after C.T.'s death, and allies with the Aliens there. Together, they kill the original dig team and take over the site. Things become complicated when the Reds and Blues show up. Caboose then finds the Monitor in one the temples and uploads Epsilon into it. When Epsilon leaves the desert and makes his way to the Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility, he discards the Monitor there and inserts himself into a robotic body.  When Epsilon stands up to Tex, she takes the discarded monitor and uses it to beat him with it.

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