Sarge with Needler
"Huh, you got a pink thing on you."
"Wha...? Like a snake? Get it off..."

The Needler is used as an alien weapon that fires tranquilizers, first used in Episode 89. However, in the Chorus Trilogy, it's revealed they can also be used for more lethal means by firing crystals to impale their targets.


  • Flowers: The Needler was first used by Flowers in the caves when he "drugged" Grif and Simmons by shooting them in the neck.
  • Sarge: In the PSA Upward Mobility, Sarge uses the Needler to demonstrate how much weapons have improved from Halo 2 to Halo 3.
  • Aliens: The aliens at the desert, including Smith, used this weapon in battle.
  • Simmons: After the Chorus inhabitants obtain the alien weaponry from Santa in All or Nothing, Simmons uses a Needler during the battle against the Space Pirates at the Communication Temple. In The End is Near, Simmons uses the weapon to injure Felix, impaling two crystals into the latter's shoulder. In The End, Simmons dual wields a pair of Needlers as the Blood Gulch Crew prepare to face the Chairman's personal army on the Staff of Charon.
  • Donut: Like Simmons, Donut uses a Needler during the battle against the Space Pirates at the Communication Temple and later holds Felix at gunpoint with the weapon when the Blood Gulch Crew face him.
  • Jensen: In The End she can be seen using a Needler.
  • Carolina: In The End she can be seen with dual Needlers.

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