"I need an objective, guys; a purpose! Y'know, anything's better than waiting around this ship hoping we'll get noticed."
—Ohio to Iowa and Idaho in The Triplets

Ohio, or "Oh" for short, was an agent of the Special Operations program Project Freelancer. Despite being an elite soldier, Ohio was one of the three worst Freelancers, alongside Idaho and Iowa. Known as the Triplets by their peers, Ohio was the de facto leader of the three.

Trivia Edit

  • As revealed in The "Mission", Ohio is the first confirmed lesbian character in the series.

Project Freelancer
Head Staff: Leonard Church · Aiden Price
Agents: Alaska · Arizona · Carolina · Connecticut · Georgia · Florida · Idaho · Illinois ·
Iowa · Maine · Maryland · New York · North Dakota · Ohio · South Dakota · Texas (ε) ·
Washington · Wyoming · Utah · Recovery Six · Recovery Nine
Other Members: F.I.L.S.S. · Four Seven Niner · Tank Guy · Lemons · Lieu

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