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Rat's Nest
Rat's Nest DIY
Name: Rat's Nest
First Appearance: Reconstruction: Chapter 3
Inhabitants: Rat's Nest Reds and Blues
Status: Occupied
"...If you find yourself in danger, or if you’re in a situation where you think something bad is going to happen, I want you to remember just one thing. Never, EVER come back here."
Miller to Caboose in Reconstruction: Chapter 3

Rat's Nest is a location first appearing in Reconstruction, where simulation troopers Simmons, Grif, and Caboose were relocated to after the events of The Blood Gulch Chronicles.

Role in PlotEdit

In Reconstruction: Chapter 3, Washington goes to the Blue base outpost to retrieve Caboose. However, after they leave, the Meta kills all the Blues and follows them. In Chapter 9, Sarge takes the Warthog and unwittingly saves Grif and Simmons from execution by a firing squad. It is here Sarge learns, but does not seem physically capable of understanding Grif's promotion to Sergeant.


  • In the special episode D.I.Y., the characters are given a tour of Rat's Nest. Also, Doc and Sister are shown racing on Mongoose's there.
  • Rat's Nest is the first DLC map to be seen in Reconstruction, and the third Halo 3 map seen overall.
  • Freelancer Agent Alabama died here after driving a Mongoose off of a cliff while hunting simulation troopers. Every year the simulation troopers remember him by sending a flaming Mongoose off the same cliff.

See AlsoEdit

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