Recon Soldier
Recon Dude - Reach Mini Series
Name: Recon Soldier
Affiliation(s): Unknown
Status: Non-Canon
First Appearance: Don't Forget To Ask For Directions
Armor Color(s): Tan
Occupation(s): Unknown
Weapon(s): Assault Rifle
Voice Actor(s): Unknown
"Hold on. I got a call on my radio, I need to take this. Be right back. "
"Okay, I'll be walking away, hoping to avoid future conversations with you."
—The Recon Soldier in Don't Forget To Ask For Directions

This unnamed Recon Soldier first appeared in the Red vs. Blue Reach Mini Series, a non-canon series created to promote the upcoming release of Halo: Reach. He appeared in the episode Don't Forget To Ask For Directions counting vehicles in preparation for Halo: Reach.


When Sarge first arrives in Halo: Reach he meets the Recon Soldier, who had just finished counting vehicles in preparation for Halo: Reach. He expresses surprise at Sarge's early appearance in the game, stating that nobody was supposed to arrive until next week. He informs Sarge that the Blood Gulch in Reach is different than the one Sarge remembers. He refuses Sarge's request to borrow a vehicle, stating that he knows nothing about him, and also appears disgruntled that Sarge did not ask his name. The soldier expresses a desire to avoid any future conversations with Sarge. Despite this, in the episode There Goes The Neighborhood, after hearing Sarge's conversation with Grif he suggests that Grif may be in Firefight mode. Sarge leaves to find Red Base, and the soldier is not seen again.

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