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Recovery Six
Recovery Six
Name: Recovery Six
Affiliation(s): Project Freelancer
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Reconstruction Trailer
Armor Color(s): Steel with Blue trim
Occupation(s): Recovery Agent
Weapon(s): Battle Rifle
Voice Actor(s): None

Recovery Six was a Recovery agent sent to Outpost 17-B "Valhalla", along with Recovery Nine, to investigate the aftermath of the incident that occurred there. He was in the same Recovery program as Agent Washington.

Role in PlotEdit

Recovery 6 dead

After investigating the Red and Blue bases, Recovery agents Six and Nine discovered a crashed Pelican. Unfortunately, Recovery Six and Recovery Nine were ambushed by the Meta before being able to search the ship. Recovery Six was killed when the Meta surprised the duo, slashing Six off of his Mongoose with the blade of the Brute Shot, killing him in one blow. Both agents were killed in the skirmish.

Project Freelancer
Head Staff: Leonard Church · Aiden Price
Agents: Carolina · Connecticut · Georgia · Florida · Idaho · Iowa · Maine · New York · North Dakota ·
Ohio · South Dakota · Texas (ε) · Washington · Wyoming · Utah · Recovery Six · Recovery Nine
Other Members: F.I.L.S.S. · Four Seven Niner · Tank Guy · Lemons · Lieu

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