Red vs. Blue: Recovery One
RvB RecoveryOne OfferBanner
Filmed using Halo 2
Halo: Combat Evolved
Genre Comic science fiction
Running time approx. 15:52 min.
Created by Burnie Burns
Voices Shannon McCormick
Mark Bellman
Shana Merlin
Lee Eddy
Asaf Ronen
Production company Rooster Teeth
Release(s) October 28, 2007 - December 6, 2007 (Sponsors)
March 3, 2008 - March 24, 2008 (Public)
Format(s) Flash
Quick Time
Window Media Player
No. of episodes 4

Red vs. Blue: Recovery One is a machinima mini-series produced by Rooster Teeth Productions and distributed via Xbox Live and the Internet. Spun off from the main series, The Blood Gulch Chronicles, Recovery One takes place after the events of Red vs. Blue: Out of Mind and during the events of Season 5 of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. The story chronicles the select events of a Recovery Agent, whose call tag is "Recovery One". The mini-series was released alongside the Season 5 DVD and the Reconstruction DVD.


Spun off from the main Red vs. Blue series, Recovery One occurs after the events of the Out of Mind Mini-Series and during Season 5 of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. Recovery One chronicling the adventures of the character Agent Washington.


Project FreelancerEdit



Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description

Part One

3:41 Agent Washington, aka Recovery One, recovers the Delta A.I. from the now deceased York.
2. Part Two 3:29 Washington talks with agent South Dakota about her brother's untimely death.
3. Part Three 4:42Washington, Delta, and South discuss a soldier's recent attackings of Freelancers, taking their A.I. and armor enhancements.
4. Part Four 4:10Washington and South confront the powerful enemy soldier.

See AlsoEdit

Main article: Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction

Recovery One serves as a prelude to Reconstruction, introducing crucial plot elements.

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