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Red vs. Blue: Season 15
RvB Season 15 - April 2
Filmed using Halo 5: Guardians
Genre science fiction; comedy
Running time TBA
Created by Burnie Burns
Directed by Joe Nicolosi
Written by Joe Nicolosi
Voices TBA
Production company Rooster Teeth
Release(s) April 2, 2017 (FIRST members)
Format(s) QuickTime, Flash Player, Windows Media Player
No. of episodes TBA
"The award-winning, longest-running web series Red vs Blue returns with a vengeance with Red vs Blue Season 15 . A series of violent attacks across human space has people demanding answers. Who are these Reds and Blues? And why are they so bloody ruthless? One reporter sets out to uncover the truth, determined to find out why the once beloved Reds and Blues have turned so malicious, taking her on a galaxy-spanning adventure filled with many twists and turns."
—Official Synopsis[1]

Red vs. Blue: Season 15 is an upcoming machinima web series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. The season was first announced after the end of Season 13 alongside Season 14.

The season is set to premiere on April 2, 2017[2][3][4], for Rooster Teeth FIRST members. Series creator Burnie Burns initially stated that a new writer-director will be taking over from Miles Luna, who directed The Chorus Trilogy and contributed to Season 14[5]. It was later confirmed that Joe Nicolosi, who wrote the Season 14 episode The Brick Gulch Chronicles, will be writing and directing this season.[6]


Blood Gulch CrewEdit

New RepublicEdit


  • Unnamed Reporter


To be announced...


  • According to the synopsis, this season follows a female reporter who wants to write an article about the Reds and Blues.
  • This season was confirmed two seasons in advance, a first for the series. This is likely due to Season 14 being an anthology rather than a continuation of the story.
    • Miles Luna has mentioned that this season would not continue directly after Season 13, likely indicating that there will be a time jump, similar to those of Season 6, Season 9, and Season 11.
  • The season's synopsis is extremely similar to the storyline of the Halo 5 audio series, Hunt the Truth, in that a new reporter character must investigate the protagionists.
  • The idea of a reporter character investigating the Reds and Blues is not a new one for the series. While Season 2 was in very early development, the character of Doc was originally conceived as a reporter/ journalist. This is mentioned on the Season 2 DVD commentary.


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