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Red vs. Blue: Season 9
RvB Season 9 DVD.
The Official Red vs. Blue Season 9 DVD cover
Filmed using Poser
Halo: Reach
Halo 3
Halo: Combat Evolved
Genre science fiction; comedy
Running time 123 min. (approx)
Created by Burnie Burns
Voices Gus Sorola
Matt Hullum
Geoff Ramsey
Joel Heyman
Burnie Burns
Dan Godwin
Shannon McCormick
Sean Duggan
John Erler
Jason Saldaña
Shana Merlin
Samantha Ireland
Jen Brown
Yomary Cruz
Kathleen Zuelch
Production company Rooster Teeth
Release(s) June 14, 2011 - November 14, 2011
Format(s) QuickTime, Flash Player, Windows Media Player
No. of episodes 20
"Before there was Red vs. Blue, there was Project Freelancer."
—Season 9 tagline

Red vs. Blue: Season 9 is a machinima/animated web series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. It was first announced with a trailer, originally debuting at PAX East 2011, and online March 28th, 2011 thereafter. It is the first season of the Project Freelancer Saga and the first of the series to follow two apparently separate story lines.

The first details events taking place inside the Epsilon unit, in which Epsilon relives his memories of Blood Gulch, depicted via the Halo: Reach engine. The second storyline is a prequel to the Blood Gulch Chronicles, detailing events of Project Freelancer and its agents. The Freelancer back story portions of the season feature a full use of original character animation, allowing for action sequences and settings outside of the maps provided. The DVD was released on November 15, 2011. It is the ninth full season of Red vs. Blue.


Red TeamEdit

Blue TeamEdit

Project FreelancerEdit




Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description
0. Trailer 4:10The continuing adventures of the boys from Blood Gulch and the mysterious agents of Project Freelancer.
1. Rounding Error 6:44As Epsilon relives his memories of Blood Gulch, he notices some "changes" going on with the Red Team. Meanwhile, in the Freelancer back story many years earlier, the Counselor and the Director briefly discuss their latest mission.
2. The Twins 5:26Freelancer Agents North and South Dakota go on a mission to retrieve data at the Bjørndal Cryogenics Research Facility.
3. Number One 5:04Surrounded, North and South are suddenly saved by Carolina in a display of extreme skill. Meanwhile, Epsilon gets shot by a very aggressive Donut.
4. Evacuation Plan 6:18As Epsilon tries to explain things to the Red Team, Carolina helps get the extraction ship home, but not without a few "technical difficulties".
5. Realignment 6:11Epsilon realizes that Caboose and Tucker have called for help without his acknowledgement. Meanwhile, the returning Freelancers experience some changes with the leaderboard.
6. Familiar Feelings 5:23Epsilon tries to get information from Caboose about the special forces soldier he called, while Donut speaks to Sarge about his feelings.
7. Case File 01.045 5:23Washington tries to console C.T. after a failed mission, while Tucker teaches Caboose and Epsilon on how the deal with women.
8. Shaking the Foundation 4:49While the Reds finish up building their new robot, Epsilon tries to explain to the Blues about the world around them.
9. Captive Audience 6:06Simmons becomes jealous of the Red Team's new robot, while the Blues get ambushed by a grenade. Meanwhile, North Dakota has a chat with Washington.
10. Introductions 8:07The new Freelancer, Agent Texas, battles against agents Maine, Wyoming, and York in a 3-on-1 training match.
11. Lifting the Veil 5:48After an intense battle in the training arena, the four agents involved become injured, especially York. Meanwhile, Simmons plans to electrocute Lopez.
12. Mid-Game Substitution 6:42While Lopez commits identity theft in order to investigate the earthquakes, Church introduces his team to Tex.
13. Planning the Heist 4:22The Freelancers plan their mission to infiltrate an 110 story building and retrieve the "Sarcophagus."
14. Son of a Bitch 6:21Tex shoots a disguised Lopez in order to even the teams. The Reds then attempt to make a eulogy for their loss. Meanwhile, Team A and Team B begin their missions.
15. The Sarcophagus 8:46Team A secure the Sarcophagus and make their great escape.
16. Hell's Angel 6:39Sarge comes up with a plan to deal with the seismic activity. Meanwhile, Team A moves on to the next phase of the mission: obtaining the briefcase.
17. Spiral 6:52Tex talks to Epsilon about her origins. Meanwhile, Team A fight their way out of the city streets in hold of the briefcase.
18. Labor Pains6:26After Grif harshly insults the Blues, Tex uses her bomb to get back at the Reds. Meanwhile, the Director and the Counselor speak with their new creation.
19. Whole Lot of Shaking5:34The Reds and Blues prepare for their imminent doom. Meanwhile, York and North Dakota discuss the recent changes at Project Freelancer.
20. Hate to Say Goodbye5:58As Blood Gulch begins to literally tear apart, Epsilon says his final goodbyes to Tex, now understanding her true purpose. Meanwhile, the Director informs Carolina of a very important task.

Other EpisodesEdit

PSA #1Edit

The guys from Red vs. Blue explain almost everything you need to know about Bungie's 20th Anniversary... while their faces are on fire.

PSA #2Edit

Caboose tells Church & Sarge about his adventures with Noble Team in the Halo: Reach campaign.

PSA #3Edit

Sarge and Church walk you through proper behavior in a gaming environment.

PSA #4Edit

  • Airdate: September 26, 2011
  • Main Article: Drafted

The Reds and Blues speculate what it would be like to be in the big leagues.

Promo ImagesEdit


  • In the teaser poster, the words "Don't Trust Them" can be seen backwards on Tex's visor.
  • During the season's initial DVD release, two different DVDs were included: one for the main DVD, and one for the Grifball mini-series.
  • According to the Season 9 DVD commentary, it has been stated that the faces of Tex, Maine, Washington, Wyoming, and those of the original Blood Gulch cast, would not be revealed due to the fact that Burnie Burns believes that nothing they could come up with for the characters would be good enough for the fans. However, Wyoming's face was later shown in several episodes of Season 10. Maine's unhelmeted head was seen as well, though his face was always obscurred in shadow in any shots from the front. Washington was seen without his helmet in What's the "I" Stand For?, although he is only seen from behind.

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