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There is to be no speculation posted on article pages on this wiki under any circumstances. However, if you speculate a warning will be issued. If speculation is again inserted a day long ban shall be administered. The ban length will increase the more it happens. The only exception to this rule is the wiki's Speculation House, a forum where speculation is accepted and where users are free to voice their theories. However, crack theories are, regardless of where they're placed, not allowed anywhere on this site, including the Speculation House.

  • A crack theory is a type of speculation that has no basis and either has already been disproved or can be disproven using logic and current information. This differs from regular speculation in that regular speculation has a basis and could be proven with future information but, at the time, has not been proven. Crack theories are therefore useless on this site and should not be posted. The penalty for posting crack theories is noted above.

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