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Roses violets album

Music by Trocadero.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue is the debut album by Trocadero. It contains music from various Red vs. Blue episodes and PSAs; specifically from The Blood Gulch Chronicles. The album was released in 2004. It is now available to buy at RT store, iTunes, and

Track ListingEdit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1. Intro Trocadero 0:18 The Blood Gulch Chronicles, Numerous PSAsRounding Error
2. Blood Gulch Blues Trocadero 2:24 Room for Rent, The Storm, Why Were We Here? (Bloody Mix Version), Why They're Here
3. Steady Ride (Gun Metal Green) Trocadero 4:23 K.I.T. B.F.F.
4. Spiritual Trocadero 2:41 None
5. No One Trocadero 2:48 Everything Old is New Again, Season 4 Credits
6. Funny Farm Trocadero 5:09 Cloak and Dagger
7. A Girl Named Tex Trocadero 3:27 An Audience of DumbOut of Mind Parts 1-5, Long Live the King, "The Best Red vs. Blue DVD Ever. Of All Time." DVD (Best Freelancer Award)
8. Punch It Trocadero 0:37 In Stereo Where Available, Turbulence, "The Best Red vs. Blue DVD Ever. Of All Time." (Best Blue Award)
9. Space Invader Trocadero 3:31 None
10. (617) Trocadero 3:32 None
11. Superhero Trocadero 3:33 In Stereo Where Available
12. Vale Deah Trocadero 3:00 Season 1 End Credits
13. All as One Trocadero 4:08 None
14. Oh Five Trocadero 0:50 A Message to the Science Community
15. Half Life Trocadero 4:38 Season 12 Teaser Trailer, Season 12 credits
16. BATE Trocadero 0:24 Hunting with Sarge

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