Tex wielding SMGs
"Hiya fellas. Who's next?"
—Tex to the Grunts in Sneaking In

The Sub Machine Gun (SMG) is a weapon first appearing in Halo 2. Just as the Assault Rifle and Magnum were the standard weapons for Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer, the SMG was the standard weapon for most of the Halo 2 maps.

Role in PlotEdit

Tex shoots with SMG

Certain weapons went to certain characters (shotgun for Sarge, sniper rifle for Church, etc), the SMG went to the other main characters. With the small size of the weapon and the gun lowering technique, the SMG didn't look as threatening as most other weapons other than the Magnum. Many main characters held an SMG at one time. Tex and Wyoming both have dual-wielded the SMG during firefights. It is also the primary weapon of Pvt. Walter Henderson.

Really, model 44's - S12E11

Epsilon analyzing the Charon Model 44 SMG.

In the Season 9 trailer, there is a scene where Agent York, Agent Texas and Agent North Dakota are surrounded by Insurrectionists and Tex is again seen dual wielding SMGs in combat. Agent North Dakota also uses an SMG in The Twins, as his secondary weapon.

In Season 12, the Charon Model 44, which is a caseless silenced submachine gun used by the mercenaries in Long Time No See, makes an appearance. It has a magazine size of 60 rounds and can shoot 15 rounds per second. It cannot jam and uses a processor to help aim.

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