Red vs. Blue Episode
"The Full Circle"
The Full Circle Special
Episode no. N/A
Airdate Unknown
Running time 1:56

Red vs. Blue Season 4
August 29, 2005 – April 1, 2006

  1. Familiar Surroundings
  2. Hunting Time
  3. Fight or Fright
  4. Fair Competition
  5. Lost in Triangulation
  6. The Hard Stop
  7. Previous Commitments
  8. Looking for Group
  9. Exploring Our Differences
  10. Setting a High Bar
  11. Getting All Misty
  12. Talk of the Town
  13. Sneaking In
  14. You Keep Using That Word
  15. Getting Debriefed
  16. Under the Weather
  17. Right to Remain Silenced
  18. Things Are Looking Down
  19. Two for One
  20. The Arrival

The Full Circle is a special episode of Red vs. Blue where a stranger asks the guys for special Xbox 360 online features, right in the middle of battle! It was released exclusively on the Xbox Live Marketplace for download.


Red TeamEdit

Blue TeamEdit


  • Two unnamed Xbox Live players


After the launch of the Xbox 360, the Red and Blue Teams have to deal with various strangers walking through battles looking to use the console’s special online features.

Transcript Edit

Cut to Sarge yelling at Grif and Simmons at next to a Warthog.

Sarge: Hey dirtbags get movin! Turns out those blue rocks aren't actually rocks!

Church looking over a rock through his battle-rifle.

Church: I think if I move up there I can get a better shot on them.

Tucker: Yeah like that's going to help.

Church: I just have to do it before they see me.

A sniper shot misses Church’s head causing him to duck.

Church: WHOAH!

Gunfire later ensues.

Church: I think they saw me.

Tucker: Good call idiot.

A white armored soldier approaches them from behind.

White Soldier: Hey guys, can you tell me where I can find the store?

Church: What the?

Tucker: Oh yeah yeah yeah, your in the wrong place man. You need to head that way.

White Solider: Okay cool. Thanks.

The white solider leaves in the direction Tucker points him at.

Church: Tucker what was that about?

Tucker: Huh? Oh that's one of the new guys who comes online to shop and listen to music.

Church: Shop? What are you kidding me?

Tucker: Nope. Ever since the Xbox 360 came out it's been like this you can watch movies, listen to music, you can go shopping, it's more than just a gaming platform, it's a total-

A sniper shot misses Tucker as he then ducks.

Tucker: Total entertainment-

Another shot misses.

Tucker: It's a total entertainment package. (Yells at the reds) Stop shooting I'm trying to say the marketing line!

Simmons: You sellout!

Church: Whatever happened to shooting stuff?

Tucker: Ah you can still do all that too, but now you can use it for more than that.

Church: Well then tell your buddy to drop the shopping bag and get in the match. We can use the help.

Tucker: I don't think he's really a gamer. A lot of people come online just to hang out.

Church: To do what? Chat?

Tucker: Yeah. Not everybody is anti-social as you are.

The Player from before comes back.

Player: Hey I found that store. Thanks.

Tucker: No problem dude. You get that download you wanted?

Player: Yeah but they didn't have any headlight fluid. That's kinda weird.

Church: Hey, you probably want to get down pal.

Player: No thanks I'm good. So how's the battle going?

Tucker: Good. I mean, we're not winning or anything but that's okay, we're used to that.

Player: Okay. Well it's good talking to you guys. Take it easy.

The Player then leaves the area.

Tucker: See ya.

Church: (sigh) I bet the Reds don't have to put up with this.

Cut to the Reds with Sarge yelling at another player.

Sarge: No, for the last time I don't know how to rip a CD! I don't even know what that means! How about I rip you a new one instead dirtbag!

Player: How rude! I'm going to leave you negative feedback.

Sarge: Yeah cry me a river.


Red vs01:56

Red vs. Blue Full Circle

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