This article is about the Season 15 episode. You may be looking for True Colors the Season 10 episode.

Red vs. Blue Episode
"True Colors"
Grunts S15
Episode no. 14
Airdate July 2, 2017 (FIRST members)
July 9, 2017 (public)
Running time 13:32

Red vs. Blue Season 15
April 2, 2017 - August 27, 2017

  1. Prologue
  2. The Chronicle
  3. The Mother of Destruction
  4. Chorus Lessons
  5. Previously On
  6. Reacts
  7. Nightmare on Planet Evil
  8. A Fistful of Colours
  9. Rigged
  10. Battlescars
  11. Belly of the Beast
  12. Blue vs. Red
  13. Blue vs. Red - Part 2
  14. True Colors
  15. Objects in Space
  16. Grif Does a Rescue
  17. Quicksave
  18. Desolation
  19. Red vs Red
  20. Blue vs Blue
  21. Epilogues

True Colors is the fourteenth episode of Red vs. Blue: Season 15. It aired on July 2, 2017, for FIRST members and July 9, 2017, for the general public. It is the 317th episode overall.

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Caboose talks with Loco about the events that happened on Chorus (specifically on Epsilon's death), and while Loco is intrigued and interested in his story, he busily continues work on finishing the device Temple is making him work on. Loco explains to Caboose the capabilities the device will have once it's complete, describing it as a special door, but Caboose struggles to comprehend what he means. Meanwhile, Sarge, confused on what to do with his life with there being no more chances to go out in a blaze of glory, confides to an uninterested Lopez, while Simmons contemplates on whether Gene is a true friend or if Grif was one. Sarge then makes his mind up and declares that he wants to fight one more time, before sprinting off.

Tucker then confronts the Reds and gathers the entire crew, bar Sarge, together for a meeting. With Wash, Carolina, Dylan, and Jax having gone missing, Tucker expresses his concerns on the Blues and Reds' motives and convinces the others to confront them about it, which leads to the Reds and Blues literally asking the Blues and Reds if they're bad guys. Temple denies this and explains that they are simply getting revenge on those who wronged them and that they should want the same. Tucker then demands their friends back but Temple calls out the Reds and Blues as traitors for befriending the Freelancers in the first place and has his army of Grunts surround them.

Temple then gives the crew one last chance to join them, with Doc siding with the Blues and Reds. Doc accuses the Reds and Blues of constantly mistreating him and states that time in the brig will teach them some manners. Suddenly, Simmons holds Tucker at gunpoint and leads the remaining Reds and Blues to the brig, alongside Surge and Sarge, who also sided with the Blues and Reds. However, Simmons reveals to Tucker that he's just pretending to be a bad guy in order to help them escape but Caboose blows his cover. As a result, the Reds and Blues flee and lock themselves inside an armament room.

As Surge and Sarge breach in, the four Reds and Blues think of a way to escape. When the two Colonels break in, they corner Tucker, Simmons, and Caboose. Surge notices Lopez's head detached from his body when suddenly, a torpedo launches into space, with Lopez's head attached to it.


Cut to an overhead view of Caboose talking as Loco works on his device.

Caboose: ...Yeah, so I was in the middle of a story and then our ship crashed and Washington said we were marooned, but everyone looked like their normal colors to me, so I think he probably just had a concussion.

Loco: (off-screen) Wow! This story is awesome!

Caboose: Yeah, and then I found Freckles, and did you find any double A batteries?

Loco appears form behind the machine.

Loco: I asked, sorry, no luck. Then what happened on singing planet?

Caboose: Eh, well then these pirates showed up.

Loco: Pirates!? No...way! Did they have a lot of peg-legs?

Caboose: No, but one of them had a shark for a face.

Loco: (beat) This is the best story in the history of stories. Why were the pirates there?

Caboose: They were probably after Tucker's family jewels. Cause, ya know he's always talking about how valuable they are and how everyone badly wants it makes sense.

Loco: They didn't get them though, right? I hope there's a happy ending.

Caboose: Yeah,well this company Shargon infinity showed up, and then they made all freckles brothers and, super bitchy. And then of course, Church had to die to save us all.

Loco: (beat) Your best friend died?

Caboose: No it's okay, it happens all the time.

Loco: That-that-that is the saddest ending ever.

Caboose: Yep and that's why we're all going to go rescue him.

Loco: ...Right. You should be able to see your best friend. Maybe I can help! Hmm...what if I could show you a door?

Caboose: Ah, you want me to leave.

Loco: No, it's not a "door" door. It's DOOOOR. Doors go to places, but not all doors. (whispering) This would be a special door.

Caboose: Ah, so like a window.


Caboose: -but with longer.

Loco: No, not really.

Caboose: Oh, so more like a sunroof.


Caboose: Aaaahhh! Yes, like a metaphor! Only I can walk through it.

Loco: Warmer, but that's not really what I had in mind.

Caboose: So, like a metaphor for a-

Loco: No!

Caboose: -that will take me through a journey! Where I will learn a lesson!

Loco: Colder.

Caboose: And there will be a payoff...And then everyone will love me!

Loco: Y-yes! That's it! Except, not at all.

Caboose: Wher-wher-where would it go?

Loco: Getting warmer... You see, it's not about "where". See, once the quantum matrix synchronizes with the nano-chrono-meters, then the entire wormhole will resonate backwards. Then we'll just need trajectories.

Caboose: Ah,words. Yes, you're pretty smart, aren't you?

Loco: Eh...I just imagine things and build what I see.

Caboose: Ah, so you didn't go to school for any of this?

Loco walks behind the machine.

Loco: No, actually, I was raised by the forest. They were much more into homeschooling.

More to be added...


To be added...


  • "True Colors" is a phrase where one's true motive and loyalties are revealed, which fits the revelation of the Blues and Reds. It also shares the same name as an episode in season 10.
  • This episode marks the return of the Grunts. They now wear green visors to differentiate from the other characters.
  • Tucker asking if the Blues and Reds are evil and Temple stating it as a "matter of perspective" is a common theme in literature and film, as villains often see themselves as in the right. Other characters like Delta and the Director also make use of this.
  • Temple claims that he recruited all of the Simulation Troopers except the Reds and Blues to his side. So far the Grunts are the only known ones recruited.
    • Several other Red and Blue simulation groups have been shown in the series, such as Red Team unit FH57 and the Rat's Nest troopers, but a majority of them are confirmed to be deceased, with FH57 accidentally blowing themselves up and crushing their Blues with an alien spaceship, while the Rat's Nest Blues were slaughtered by the Meta. The status of the Rat's Nest Reds, however, is unknown.
  • Sarge and Doc become official antagonists in this episode.
    • Sarge becomes an antagonist because of his increased insanity and wanting a war to fight in.
    • Doc becomes an antagonist because of the abuse he has suffered from the Reds and Blues.
  • Doc is revealed to still suffer from his O'Malley persona but has learned to suppress it.
  • Donut mentions he feels ignored and unnoticed by the Reds and Blues. This is a reference to his overall diminished roles and reduced appearances since the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles.
  • Donut mentions that Dylan is tied up because she is re-enacting "Pulp Fiction", a reference to a scene in said film.
    • This could be a reference to the extremely common theme of tying up someone in fiction. It could also be a Fifty Shades reference, considering the genre's use of bondage.
  • Donut is the only member of the group present not shown to be captured, although he is shown to be among the captured later on. Lopez avoids capture by having his head torpedoed into space, but his body remains with the Blues and Reds.
  • This is episode features one of the few times Caboose swears, something he hasn't done canonically since Season 1 when his intelligence was more down to earth.
  • Sarge mentions how he was once an ODST, a reference to Relocated: Part Three.
  • Loco reveals that he was raised by wolves.
  • It's revealed that Caboose is searching for AA batteries for unknown reasons.
    • It's later revealed in Blue vs Blue that Caboose was searching for batteries for Freckles.



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Red vs. Blue Season 15, Episode 14 - True Colors

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