UNSC Scrap Metal Recycling Station
UNSC Scrap Metal Recycling Station
Name: UNSC Scrap Metal Recycling Station
First Appearance: Revenants
Inhabitants: Insurrection
Status: Destroyed
"Fire at will, Counselor. Let's send them back to the scrapyard."
—The Director in Heavy Metal

The UNSC Scrap Metal Recycling Station is a location in space first appearing in Revenants. At this station, Project Freelancer attempt to locate the Leader of the Insurrection, which ultimately leads to a full out battle in space.

Role in PlotEdit

In Season 10, after York activates the station's alarm, several other Freelancers use jet packs to attack the area, but at this time C.T. leaves her faction to join the Insurrectionist Leader. Afterwards, the Recycling Station serves as the location of the dogfight between the Project Freelancer frigate Mother of Invention and the Insurrectionist destroyer Staff of Charon, in the episode Turbulence. When the Insurrection flee the battle through slipspace, they leave behind a nuclear device, forcing the Freelancers to retreat before it explodes.


  • Like the Insurrection Building, the recycling station is one of the few locations in the series that can't be revisited, as it was destroyed by the nuclear device.
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