Be wary of reading comments if you wish to avoid spoilers for non-public epsiodes.

Red vs02:08

Red vs. Blue Season 14 Introduction – Trailer

Season 14 will air Sunday, May 8th for Sponsors, May 9th for RT Members, and May 15th for non-members.

Locus and Felix vs Carolina and Wash

As the battle for Chorus reaches its end, the Reds and Blues make one final stand against the Space Pirates and the Chairman. After Doyle’s brave sacrifice to stop the pirates, Carolina and Washington held off Felix and Locus to prevent them from activating the Purge, until the Rebels were able to bring the Tartarus (with the Counselor inside) crashing down onto the temple.

Locus with sword

However, before Epsilon was able to send a message to the UNSC, Locus and Felix returned. But after a short battle, it was time for Felix to face his fear: Locus, who abandoned Felix and told him that there would be no more killing. The Reds and Blues then launched Felix off of the building to his death, unbinding the Sword-key and allowing Locus to use it. Then Locus activates the temple, and Invisibility Cloaks into the sunset, never to be seen again. Because he’ll be invisible. Epsilon then sends his message.

Reds and Blues see Staff of Charon

It may have something do with the message being sent everywhere in the universe, but the Chairman heard it too, so he popped up right on Chorus’s front doorstep. He starts dropping Mantises on the planet like they’re going out of style, so the Reds and Blues decide to take the fight to his ship. With his soldiers pursuing them, they end up in the Chairman’s trophy room, filled with “trophies” from the Red’s and Blue’s past.

Reds and Blues Last Stand S13

But Epsilon has to make a tough decision when they find the Meta’s armor, because he can’t run the suit on his own. So, inspired by Doyle’s sacrifice, Epsilon decides to split himself apart into the AI fragments in order to run the Meta suit properly. The thing is, however, is that he won’t be around to see the ending, and see if the Reds and Blues, outnumbering the enemy with their overpowered weapons, would actually be able to defeat them or not. It’s a mystery. And we might never know the answer.

Oh yeah and I guess Sister and Junior are still around.

It’s time for another glorious year of speculation. I’m sure it’ll be just as great as the last one.

I will not be actively searching for information about the new season. However, if you find something, and give a source for where you found the information, I will add it to this blog if it is significant enough.


r.i.p. in peace anon

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