Church uses megaphone

"Testing, te- holy shit, it does work! This is badass!"

"Hey how do you do that megaphone thing with your voice?"
"It's a voice amplifier. It's standard issue, all our suits have one."
Washington in Reconstruction: Chapter 10

The Voice Amplifier, also known as the Megaphone by Church, is an armor enhancement that, as its name suggests, amplifies the volume of the user's voice similar to talking through a megaphone. According to Washington, all Freelancer personnel armor comes with the enhancement as standard.


  • Washington: In Reconstruction: Chapter 10, Wash uses the enhancement to negotiate with the Reds from the safety of cover. He also briefly deafens Church with it after he constantly interrupts his negotiations.
  • Church: In the same episode, after Church learns about the enhancement from Wash, he uses it to annoy the Reds and interrupt Wash's negotiations before the latter smacks him around the head with his Battle Rifle out of irritation, nearly breaking Church's amplifier in the process.


  • This enhancement is one of the few enhancements known to be incorporated in all Freelancer personnel armor. However, it is also one of the least known about enhancements, as demonstrated by the fact Wash has to explain what it is to Church.

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